Among The Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix

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Among the Hidden - Margaret Peterson Haddix

This book takes pace in a country where they are going through a great depression. In response to the food shortage due to this depression, the government has put into law that third children are illegal. The enforcement of this law requires the killing or imprisoning these third children or "shadow children." This is the first book of a seven book series that follows the lives of several "shadow children." This book follows the life of Luke Garner. Due to the laws, he is forced into hiding from everyone. One day, he decides to take a stand and fight for his right to live. This means coming out of hiding and trying to survive out on his own. The book is a wonderful read. This series has stuck with me all since I first read it in elementary school. It truly is memorable. Although most people would consider this book to be completely fictional and that nothing like this could ever happen, they would be wrong. Even today, this book could be relevant. For example, there is a second child ban in China. Although there are exceptions from this law, the fact is that it is still law. Children, particularly girls and disabled children, are often abandoned or killed by their parents. It is due to this law. This text, despite being fictional, could be relevant in the learning of other cultures that may contain dictatorships that may impose harsh laws such as the third child ban. It is a plus that the book is actually very interesting. This book has a lexile level of 800L so it should be used for the 6th grade and up.