Number The Stars by Lois Lowry

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Number the Stars - Lois Lowry

This book takes place during WWII. It is about Annemarie, a non Jewish girl, who takes in her Jewish best friend. Annemarie's family is known as the Johansens. The young girl's friend is using the identity of the family's previously deceased daughter. Whenever there is a question concerning the girl's identity, the Johansens show the birth certificate and baby photographs of their deceased daughter. This book highly resembles The Diary of Anne Frank, which as we all know is a true story of a girl who lived during WWII. Number The Stars is another great insight into a life of hiding and fight for life. This was a very memorable story. I actually recall reading this very book for recreational reading. Now looking back, I wish my teachers had done something with this book for academic purposes. A teacher could use this book during literature to reinforce studding about WWII. The lexile reading level for this book is 670L but for academic readings it may be best used for the 5th grade.