Jake's Orphan by Peggy Brook

— feeling amazing

I read this book when I was in elementary school and loved it! This book is tolled through the view point of a boy named Tree. The story goes into depth about the struggles of Tree and his love for his younger brother, Acorn. Because they are orphans, their goals and dreams are centered on finding a new home for them. However, their plans get interrupted when only Tree is taken in with a farmer as extra help around the farm.  Before Tree is fostered with this new family, he promises Accorn that he will send for him when possible.The farmer's brother, Jake, gives Tree hope that one day the farm will become his home. However, too much time goes by and Acorn gets impatient. One day Acorn shows up at the farm without warning, which almost ruins everything that Tree has worked so hard for. Read the book for yourself for the ending! But I absolutely loved it! This book would be great to use as recreational reading or for a glimpse in another time for Social Studies. It could also be used to show sibling love and what it is like to grow up as a a child with nontraditional family dynamics. The lexile level is 790L so this book would be appropriate for the 6th grade and above.